Super small USB Bluetooth dongle e-blue mini nova

I was walking in an IT accessories store and spotted this very small USB Bluetooth dongle - bought it right away. Let me write a small review for it...

The main thing I like about it is that it's very small! It doesn't bother the space of other USB devices, you just plug it in and leave it there.

As for performance, it seems to have very good response time, great multi-connection handling: You can use your Bluetooth Stereo Headset (I'm using an i-Tech BlueBand) at great sound quality and send files to your mobile at the same time - although the file transfer speed would drop in this scenario and the music would pause once on the start of the file transfer (but music runs fine during file transfer) - it seems to be much faster and better performing that other USB Bluetooth dongles which I tried.

As it runs on a Broadcom/WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack/driver, it worked perfectly with WMouseXP - Bluetooth Wireless Presenter Mouse + Media Player Remote Control Software (For Nokia/S60/Moto/SE Phones).

It comes with a CD driver for you to install the Broadcom/WIDCOMM Bluetooth stack, if you just plug it in then it won't work with the Microsoft Plug and Play Bluetooth stack. You must install its CD driver. The CD driver I got didn't have auto-run, you should go to 'My Computer' browse its folders (choices are for Windows XP or Vista, etc...) then run the Setup.exe .

If you're interested, the e-blue mini nova official site is HERE but there seems to be no "Buy" link there... but you can easily Google for it. Checkout your local IT store, maybe they have it!

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