WMouseXP Bluetooth Presentation Remote Control Software

Turn your Android phone into a Wireless Presenter Remote

Control PowerPoint, Windows Media Player and Mouse on your Computer from your mobile phone!

Works with so many Android Phones & Tablets, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Nokia (Series 40, Symbian S60 - NOT the Windows Phones) and BlackBerry phones!

DOWNLOAD WMouseXP PC-App - Click to Download and Install it on your Computer (Windows XP, Windows 7).

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What does this app do?

WMouseXP Bluetooth Remote

IT JUST WORKS! Uniquely easy to setup. Easy to use!

Install Now!

Easy 3-Step-Setup:

1 - Install WMouseXP “Mobile App” on your phone:

Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 1 Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 2 Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 3 Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 4 Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 5 Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 6 Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 7 Nokia Install WMouseXP Presenter Remote Step 8

2 - Make sure your computer/notebook’s Bluetooth is ON and paired with your phone. (If your computer does not have Bluetooth then you can get a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle, preferably one which comes with a Broadcom driver.)

Here’s how to “pair” your phone’s Bluetooth with your computer’s or notebook’s Bluetooth:

3 - Click here to Download WMouseXP “PC App” - install on computer, start it.

Connect failed?

This is normally because the phone wasn’t paired with your computer’s Bluetooth yet. Simply follow the steps above to pair with PC.

If things still don’t work, you can lastly try setting the Bluetooth visibility to “Show to all” as in below screenshot, then try press connect from WMouseXP on PC again.


Connected Successfully?

Now, Open a Powerpoint Presentation on your computer…

… and remote-control the slides from phone!

Instructions for Nokia Series 40, Symbian, Samsung Java or other Java phones:

WMouseXP nokia screenshot

Instructions for Android - Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola or Others:

Instructions for BlackBerry:

WMouseXP BlackBerry command mapping


The Best way to know if it works on your phone and PC or not is to download and install a FREE TRIAL on your phone and PC. WMouseXP consists of the Mobile Side program and the PC Side program - they need to connect via Bluetooth and work together, here are their requirements:

WMouseXP Mobile Side

Java-enabled phones that match: - Nokia 2710, 3250, 3710 Fold, 3711 Fold, 3720 classic, 500 Fate, 5228, 5230, 5232, 5233, 5235 Comes With Music, 5250, 5320 XpressMusic, 5330 XpressMusic, 5500 Sport, 5530 XpressMusic, 5630 Xpress Music, 5700 XpressMusic, 5730 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, 600 Cindy, 6110 Navigator, 6120 classic, 6121 classic, 6122c, 6124 classic, 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic, 6260 Slide, 6290, 6303 classic, 6350, 6630, 6650 Fold, 6680, 6681, 6700 Slide, 6720 Classic, 6730 Classic, 6750 Mural, 6788, 6790 Mako, 700 Zeta, 701 Helen, 7020, 702T, 7230, 7510 Supernova, C1-01, C1-02, C2-00, C2-01, C2-02 Touch and Type, C2-03 Touch and Type, C2-06, C3-00, C3-01 Touch & Type, C5-00, C5-01, C5-03, C6-00, C6-01, C7-00, C7-00.1 Astound, C7-00s Oro, E5-00, E50, E51, E52, E55, E6-00, E60, E61, E62, E63, E65, E66, E7-00, E70, E71, E72, E73 Mode, E75, E90, N70, N71, N72, N73, N75, N76, N77, N78, N79, N8-00, N80, N81, N82, N85, N86, N90, N91, N92, N93, N95, N96, N97, N97 Mini, T7-00, X2-00, X2-01, X3-00, X3-02, X5-01, X6-00, X7-00 - Samsung GT i7110, GT i8510 Innov8, GT i8910 Omnia, SGH G810, SGH L870, SGH i400, SGH i450, SGH i455, SGH i550, SGH i560 - LG KS10 Joy, KT610 - Sony-Ericsson U1 Satio, U5 Vivaz, U8 Kanna

WMouseXP PC Side

Windows 7 or Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later) + (USB or Internal or Integrated) Bluetooth on Broadcom/WIDCOMM ( SP5 or newer) or Microsoft or BlueSoleil (1.6 or newer) or Toshiba Bluetooth Driver/Stack. Tested on various Bluetooth hardware, both USB and internal Bluetooth. See other things you can do with Bluetooth…


Mouse Commands:

Use your phone’s joystick to move the mouse left right up down. Click the joystick in (or the middle/fire button on some phones) to do a left click, press and hold it for a right click on your PC.

Numpad Commands:

WMouseXP j2me bluetooth remote

Notes: * WMouseXP generates keyboard events as described. Therefore, it would work as described only when a presentation is already opened in Microsoft Powerpoint. Also compatible with OpenOffice.org (a free open-source alternative to Microsoft Office) presentations:
- “My Computer” would not be launched if another “My Computer” window is alraedy open. - Right click doesn’t work on some phones, mouse speed acceleration doesn’t work on some PCs. Try the FREE-TRIAL to test them on your phone/PC.

Other Notes: Some media player commands may not work as intended if you have some versions of Nero or WinAmp software installed. You can check this if you have a multimedia keyboard: try pressing the “Media Player”,”Play”,”Stop”,”Next Track”,”Previous Track”, “Increase Volume”, “Decrease Volume” keys - you can normally expect the same results from WMouseXP. Just try the FREE TRIAL - The Best way to know if it works on your phone and PC or not.

Known Issues: -The PC-Side WMouseXP used to work fine but suddenly it always show “Connection Declined or Timed-Out”. Solution: This rare error can be solved by Restarting your PC and try again.

Usage Scenarios

Bluetooth Presentation Remote Control

Walk around explaining your presentation on stage (or in meeting/class rooms), click the joystick of your phone to move on to the next step/slide of your presentation. Press “2” on the numpad to go to the previous one. With WMouseXP, you have wireless control of your powerpoint presentation in your hand!

Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Mouse

With WMouseXP, your mobile phone can be used as a wireless mouse: move the mouse, left click, right click - all using your phone’s joystick. WMouseXP generates smooth cursor movement on PC, the cursor move speed increases as you hold the joystick down. When you have control of your mouse cursor, you have wireless control of your computer. What’s better is that you don’t have to use a clean surface/table like that of a real mouse. This mouse is entirely hand-held. You can use WMouseXP on your sofa, your bed, from your kitchen, virtually anywhere in the Bluetooth range - this is normally up to ten meters away!

Bluetooth Media Player Remote Control

With WMouseXP, your phone becomes the remote control of your PC-based entertainment system. Sit-back on your comfortable sofa or lay down on your bed while having full control of your Media Player from your phone - change the track, increase the volume, open your favorite movie, double click your phone’s joystick to make it full-screen. Feel sleepy? Just move the cursor to your Window’s “Start” button and shut-down the computer. Yes, that sounds nice. Just use WMouseXP to make all this happen. Bluetooth signals can even go through walls, so you can even change the song in your playlist or increase the volume while you’re in the bathroom! (but don’t get your phone wet!)

Questions & Comments

Please email <support[AT]clearevo.com>

Alternative Free-Software/Open-Source Version

Please visit http://github.com/ykasidit/WMouseXP.

Special Thanks

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