AgilePresenter Mobile WIFI Presenter Remote

Use this software to Remote-Control Powerpoint/Presentations from WIFI-enabled Phones!

Download AgilePresenter - FREE SOFTWARE AgilePresenter 2.0 is FREE SOFTWARE

AgilePresenter PC Screenshot

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Setup & usage

  1. Download the latest release from

  2. Extract the zip/archive to C:\AgilePresenter or somewhere similar.

  3. Double-click START_AGILE_PRESENTER.bat - if a firewall asks about permission, unblock and allow its port to be accessed from the local network.

  4. Connect phone to WIFI on the same network with your computer.

  5. Start your Powerpoint/Presentation on computer.

  6. Open you’re phone’s browser to the specified URL in AgilePresenter running on your computer… If there are no firewall problems, the page would load, you’d see a few buttons and the current screenshot of your PC - click the screenshot the simulate a click on computer making the presentation go next. Remote control your presentation from phone!

NOTE: If nothing shows up on phone - Make sure your firewall is not blocking port 80 - Try using another URL by entering the http://<IP of your computer>: - Right-click your currently connected connection > Status > Support and use that IP. - Or - Go to Start > Run … > cmd.exe > ipconfig - read for the IP of your WIFI connection - mostly in the form of 192.168.1.xx

Please help donate for this free software! Please click here**


A WIFI-Enabled phone + a Windows XP/7 computer/notebook + WIFI access point: connecting the phone and the computer.

Source code

Please visit

Questions & Comments

Please email <support[AT]> About

AgilePresenter was developed by Kasidit Yusuf. A lot of the code is based on a Qt C++ example. Please visit

Special thanks

Thanks to Stuart Hanlon for all his great ideas and effort contributed to this project.

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