- Software and Sodas from Thailand

More than 10 years experience in low-level software for Bluetooth and Radio Access Network protocols, and a passion for Toddy Palm Nectar and Coconut Water!

Bluetooth GNSS

Connect Android phones to Bluetooth GNSS receivers. This free and open-source app reads and parses location from Bluetooth GNSS recievers, whilst relaying NTRIP data for RTK (centimeter-level accuracy) on supported devices. Full source code and releases are provided on this github page.

Coming soon - Enceladus - Space-inspired naturally sweet carbonated drinks

New Product from our small craft-soda shop in Pattani, Thailand Sparkling Peach, Yuzu orange, Green Apple craft soda. Naturally sweet from ‘nisae’ - an local unrefined borassus sugar similar to coconut sugar.

ASLI Elixir - Pure Borassus Nectar from southern Thailand

New Product - June 2023 Taste the difference! A sterilized version of a traditional naturally sweet Thai drink!

Other previous software products

Visit a list of older/legacy products.