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The lower radiation, lower power alternative to WIFI Internet - for Androids and PCs.

Let’s try if EcoDroidLink can make your Android phones/tablets last longer between charges - while providing fast-enough Internet!

EcoDroidLink Bluetooth Internet Access Point

MTP-Alternative - Android to PC USB File Transfers without ‘MTP’ driver issues

No more USB ‘MTP driver not found’ or ‘can’t find my files’ issues - Supports both Windows and Ubuntu GNU/Linux!

MTP-Alternative USB File Transfers

WMouseXP mobile screenshot

WMouseXP on Android screenshot

WMouseXP Bluetooth Presentation Remote Control Software

Turn your phone into a Wireless Presenter Remote - Control PowerPoint, Windows Media Player and Mouse on your Computer from your mobile phone!

Works with so many Android, Nokia (Series 40 and Symbian), Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and BlackBerry phones!

IT JUST WORKS! Uniquely easy to setup. Easy to use!

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AgilePresenter WIFI Remote

Remote-Control Powerpoint/Presentations from WIFI - on Android, iPhone or even another PC - any web-browser connected to the same WIFI network as the PC running Powerpoint! (PC-app for Windows)

  • Takes just around 1 minute to setup!
  • Nothing to install on phone!