Windows XP Bluetooth Internet Access Point Setup

Below are the instructions and screenshots for Windows XP to get Internet access via EcoDroidLink Bluetooth Access Point.

The screenshots below are for “Microsoft Bluetooth Driver/Stack” - if it looks differently on your computer, this probably means you’re using a “Broadcom Bluetooth Driver/Stack” - the steps are similar - just add/pair then connect to the “Network Access Point” service from “My Bluetooth Places”.

This requires Bluetooth hardware (internal or USB) for your computer (most notebooks already have it, but many desktops don’t have it) - if your computer does not have Bluetooth or if it’s not working properly - you can get a tested, good quality, Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter from this link.

(These steps are the same as doing “Bluetooth tethering” - sharing internet from your phone to computer/notebook - except that if you do Bluetooth tethering, you should enable it on your phone too (Android: Settings > More… > Tethering & portable hotspot > check on the “Bluetooth tethering” box first.)

  1. Go to the Start button > Control Panel:

  2. Click “Add”:

  3. Click on the checkbox “My device is set up and ready to be found”. Click “Next”:

  4. Wait for it to search for your access point, at first only some numbers would show as the device name…

    Just wait a bit more then the name of the device would show, click on it to select, then press “Next”:

  5. Now select “Use the passkey used in the documentation” and enter four zeros (0000)

  6. Now your access point is successfuly setup, press “Finish”:

  7. Let’s connect! Press the Start button, then choose “Connect To” > Select “Bluetooth Network Connection”.

  8. Click on your Bluetooth Access Point (EcoDroidLink) and choose “Connect”.

    Oops… It failed to connect first time - it’s normal, just try again…

    Ok, pressed “Connect” again, and success! You’d see the new network icon in the system tray, you can double-click it to see the status:

  9. Success! Let’s open your browser and browse the internet!