Ubuntu Bluetooth Internet Access Point Setup

Below are the instructions and screenshots (Ubuntu 12.04) to get Internet access - via EcoDroidLink Bluetooth Access Point - on your Ubuntu computer.

This requires Bluetooth hardware (internal or USB) for your computer (most notebooks already have it, but many desktops don’t have it) - if your computer does not have Bluetooth or if it’s not working properly - you can get a tested, good quality, Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter from this link.

(These steps are the same as doing “Bluetooth tethering” - sharing internet from your phone to computer/notebook - except that if you do Bluetooth tethering, you should enable it on your phone too (Android: Settings > More… > Tethering & portable hotspot > check on the “Bluetooth tethering” box first.)

  1. Click the Bluetooth icon on top right of screen and select “Set Up New Device…”:

  2. Choose “continue”:

  3. Wait for it to seach and find your Bluetooth Access Point (EcoDroidLink) then click on its name:

  4. Now press “Continue”:

  5. A random PIN would be shown, it doesn’t matter for our case so just press “Matches”.

  6. Click on the checkbox “Use your phone mobile phone as a network device (PAN/NAP)”. Then press “Close”.

  7. Now, the connection setup has completed, let’s connect to it - press on the network-manager icon on top right of screen:

  8. Click on “EcoDroidLink Network”.

    Oops, it fails to connect! It’s normal - sometimes first attempts can fail… let’s try again…

    Ok, tried connecting again and now it’s successful!

After successful connection, just try open your browser - success: