Android Bluetooth Internet Setup Instructions

  1. On your android, go to Settings > Bluetooth.

  2. Turn on Bluetooth - tap on the right part/button of the Bluetooth item:

    Then go to Bluetooth settings - click on the left part/title of the Bluetooth item:

  3. Search for nearby devices - press “Search for devices”:

  4. Click on EcoDroidLink to pair with it. Then it would show some numbers as a passkey for the pairing request - just press the “Pair” button like in the screenshots below. If it doesn’t provide a “Pair” button and if you’re asked for a pin code - just enter 0000 (four zeros).

  5. Now, just tap on the “EcoDroidLink” name to connect to it (this works for most devices, for example Sony Xperia and Samsung S3). If nothing happens, like for Nexus 4 or 5 - you must press the “settings” icon on the right of the “EcoDroidLink” name, then click/check the box under “Internet Access” in that page.
    NOTE: The Sony Xperia V and Samsung S3 automatically disables mobile internet when Bluetooth Internet is connected but the Nexus 4 doesn’t - so for first time test on your device, it’d be better to turn off mobile internet and WIFI before connecting to EcoDroidLink. After successful tests, you can turn off bluetooth to disconnect, then try connecting while mobile internet is on, and see if the “E” or “H” icon disappears (or the arrows disappear - on some models) after you’ve connected to EcoDroidLink - if it disappears, this means your phone autmatically disables mobile-network internet after connecting to Bluetooth internet.

    Ok - let’s get connected as the screenshot below:

    Wait for it to connect…

    Sometimes, for some reason, the first attempt might fail, just retry press on it again if it doesn’t get connected…
    Then, hopefully, if your device is fully compatible, you’ll get connected (and the Bluetooth icon in the notifications bar would change color) as in the screenshot below!

    Connected! (Give it about 20 Seconds to fully register the IP) Use the bluetooth internet! Enjoy the eco-alternative to WIFI!
    Your email or social notifications would start popping up now! Open the internet browser! Try Youtube!

Click here to see more screenshots of using EcoDroidLink on Android