WIFI Alternative for Android phones and tablets - EcoDroidLink Bluetooth Internet Access Point

The Lower-power alternative to WIFI - using Bluetooth Internet made our Android phone battery charge last up to 26% longer than WIFI in our test! see our battery test results

If you ever used ‘Bluetooth Internet Tethering’ - this is essentially the same but instead of mobile internet, EcoDroidLink uses your home/office Internet router as the internet source (via a LAN cable), providing internet to Android phones and tablets (and even most laptop PCs, notebooks or Raspberry Pis) via Bluetooth.

NEW - August 2017 Version 3 featuring new hardware and upgraded software and now only 49 USD!

Use EcoDroidLink to provide Bluetooth Internet as an alternative to WIFI in your home or office (to very likely save more battery power on your Android phone or tablet!). Connect it using an ethernet cable (provided) to existing home or office internet modems/routers (it’s ok if the modem/router has WIFI).

WIFI, 4G, 3G drains too much battery? Try Bluetooth Internet - much lower-power yet fast-enough.

See how it works

Watch the demo video using EcoDroidLink on a Nexus 5 phone:

See more screenshots of using Bluetooth Internet on Android…

Yes, Bluetooth is technically slower than WIFI - max downlink speed we tested is apx 1.7 Mbps but practically ‘responsive’ and fast-enough for most day-to-day use cases - as shown in above video. Personally we don’t notice much difference in web-browsing, Messaging or even Youtube (unless you go beyond 720p video resolution).

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Product discontinued. If you have similar requirements, please kindly contact <support[AT]clearevo.com>.

Easy Setup

Watch the EcoDroidLink Internet setup and usage on Samsung S6 video:

Should likely work with most newer Android phones.

Below video shows the EcoDroidLink (current model) power up sequence - you should wait around 30 seconds until the Bluetooth dongle blinks:

Tested with Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, S3, Tab 2 (7.0), many Google Nexus phones, many Sony Xperia phones and more! Nothing to install, No need to root - EcoDroidLink uses a standard bluetooth profile/feature already there in many Android devices!*

Step-by-step EcoDroidLink Box Setup Instructions

Step-by-step Android Bluetooth Internet Setup Instructions

Step-by-step PC Computer Bluetooth interent Setup Instructions

Is my Android device Compatible with EcoDroidLink? How to test?


Looking for legacy enterprise Bluetooth internet? Apart from the default modern ‘network access profile’ which EcoDroidLink provides by default, we can also provide Bluetooth DUN (Dial-up Network) Internet implementation for legacy/older enterprise hardware/devices that need Bluetooth internet from older Nokia cell-phones. We need to test/customize per device - please contact us at [email protected] for Bluetooth DUN internet trails.

Household Internet Router/Modem Requirements

EcoDroidLink is just a wireless “Access Point”, it needs to be connected to your home/office’s “Router” or “Modem” via an ethernet cable. Normal ADSL/WIFI routers which are connected to your Internet Service Provider would most probably work (it just requires DHCP - the common/default auto IP assignment used with WIFI).

Questions & Comments

We’re just a humble team of two brothers trying to develop and support a great product. It would be nice to recieve your suggestions, questions and comments, please kindly email to <support[AT]clearevo.com>.