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Note: Aug 2021 - due to the COVID pandemic situation in Thailand, we have halted operations temporarily. For more info, please kindly send an email to <support[AT]>.

Use the EcoDroidGPS Bluetooth GPS Receiver kit in your car to greatly improve your GPS positioning accuracy in Android phones and tablets. Only 85 USD - one of the best in value for 1.x-2.x meter accuracy in the market today!

EcoDroidGPS Bluetooth GPS Receiver device kit:

EcoDroidGPS is powered by the provided car cigarette miro-USB charger provided in the kit (or any USB power source) so it does not use/contain any batteries.

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Product discontinued. If you have similar requirements, please kindly contact <support[AT]>.

Accuracy and GNSS Systems

It is quite common to get 1.x meter accuracy in day-to-day usage - below is an example screenshot:
Android using EcoDroidGPS getting high GPS accuracy

New! We now pre-configure the USB GPS Device in the kit to support Galileo GNSS - See below screenshot when use with ‘GNSS Commander’ app: EcoDroidGPS using Galileo GNSS

EcoDroidGPS delivers accurate positioning from the powerful 72-channel Ublox UBX-M8030 series GNSS chip featuring concurrent reception of GPS + Glonass + Galileo (Galileo support added May 2019 + Can be enabled/disabled via U-Blox U-Center PC Software via USB), and Industry leading -167 dBm navigation sensitivity.

NOTE: For advanced users, if the M8030 in the kit is not accurate enough - the new device now supports connecting to (not provided in the kit) the Ardusimple U-Blox F9 (ZED-F9P) Dual-frequency GNSS + RTK device (customer buys it separately/directly from Ardusimple) - providing instant Bluetooth/RTK support to the u-blox F9 board (for centimeter level accuracy once RTK is active) for use with apps like the ‘Lefebure NTRIP Client’ or our ‘Bluetooth GNSS’ app.

Similar/alternative to the popular HOLUX, Garmin Bluetooth GPS but EcoDroidGPS is powered by a car-charger, has an external antenna and can handle up to 4 connected phones simultaneously! (If you need 6 connected devices please contact us for the older model that supports 6 but consumes more power…)

EcoDroidGPS Bluetooth GPS Receiver device

Better GPS accuracy

EcoDroidGPS provides accurate GPS data from a real USB GPS (which is normally better than phone's internal A-GPS), powered by the advanced ublox M8030 GNSS chips.
EcoDroidGPS Bluetooth GPS Receiver device

Multiple connected devices

Unlike most Bluetooth GPS Receivers which cannot handle more than one connected phone at a time, we've tested up to 6 connected phones to one EcoDroidGPS device simultaneously and it still works well (theoretical max is 7 phones).
EcoDroidGPS external magnet antenna car mount

Magnet GPS Antenna

Although EcoDroidGPS already works well with the antenna placed on your car's dashboard, but for even better GPS positioning, you can also mount the external antenna on your car roof (when not raining/snowing - not waterproof!)

See how EcoDroidGPS improved a Samsung A9 Pro positioning plot on map accuracy/stability when doing 4G/LTE DriveTests, notice the reduced shaking/swerving of the GPS position marks in the drive route:

Phone's internal GPS Phone using EcoDroidGPS
DriveTest plot on map using phone's internal GPS DriveTest plot on map using EcoDroidGPS

Ideal for improving GPS accuracy and GPS position fixing in car navigation apps like Google Maps or professional GPS map plotting apps like:

See how EcoDroidGPS improved a Samsung S8 GPS accuracy from 7.59 meters to 1.85 meters (lower is better) when used in a rainy day:

Samsung S8 Internal GPS Samsung S8 using EcoDroidGPS
Samsung S8 internal GPS Accuracy in a rainy day Samsung S8 using EcoDroidGPS GPS Accuracy in a rainy day

Easy Setup

See below video showing the Android setup for EcoDroidGPS and using with Google Maps and G-NetTrack (location/geo logging with radio measurements) in below video:

EcoDroidGPS is powered by a micro-usb port like most Android phones - we provide a car charger in the kit for typical in-car usage, but if your target usage is not in cars, you can also use it with most existing micro-usb phone chargers (preferably Tablet chargers) or power banks.

Below video clip shows the EcoDroidGPS’s Bluetooth dongle’s LED light (on the right) blinking continuously while connected to an Android phone. Above it is the USB cable of the USB GPS device. A micro-usb power cable connects it to the car-charger. All of these components are provided in the EcoDroidGPS kit.

Our own advanced Linux powered parrarel processing + multicast software inside each EcoDroidGPS unit allows up to 7 concurrent combined Android phone/tablets to receive the same GPS data concurrently and without any one device slowing other devices. All devices would get exactly the same location data.

Ideal for professional GPS map plot requirements for mobile network LTE/WCDMA/GSM DriveTests, Google Maps navigation on Android mobile phones and tablets - multiple, concurrently!

Android setup instructions

New! Use our ‘Bluetooth GNSS’ app from Google Playstore - click here!


Questions & Comments

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