Android NDK Get IMEI Natively

Here’s how you can get the phone’s IMEI directly via (NDK) Native C code:

This code uses 2 methods, should work on most single-sim GSM/WCDMA/LTE phones.

#include <sys/system_properties.h>

	//returns the string length of the value.
	int ir = __system_property_get("ro.gsm.imei", imei_start);           
      if(ir > 0)
	  imei_start[15]=0;//strz end      
	  printf("method1 got imei %s len %d\r\n",imei_start,strlen(imei_start));
	  printf("method1 imei failed - trying method2\r\n");
	  //old dumpsys imei getter
	  char* res = exec_get_out("dumpsys iphonesubinfo");  
	  const char* imei_start_match = "ID = ";
	  int imei_start_match_len = strlen(imei_start_match);
	  char* imei_start = strstr(res,imei_start_match);
	  if(imei_start && strlen(imei_start)>=15+imei_start_match_len)
	      imei_start += imei_start_match_len;
	      imei_start[15] = 0;
	      printf("method2 IMEI [%s] len %d\r\n",imei_start,strlen(imei_start));

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