Symbian Foundation planning development tools for Linux

Update: the Nokia Qt SDK is released - supproting Ubuntu GNU/Linux!

Probably in the start of 2010, we might start having official support for Symbian C++ development on GNU/Linux (and probably Qt for S60 into Qt Creator). The hint came from a post in the symbian foundation ideas page:

Read and scroll down this symbian idea page.

I've been using gnupoc with eclipse IDE on Ubuntu for a long time - although it works well, I'm sure many of us using gnupoc are waiting for real and long-term full Symbian SDK and IDE support on GNU/Linux - especially after getting to learn about the beta Qt for S60 and its integration with the Qt Creator IDE. It's really great to learn about Qt and what qt-based open-source projects/communities created, and I'm sure many Qt developers are happy to hear this news as well!

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