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After I setup lighttpd for my server (to serve static files of my site and also keep the door open to try some php, ruby webapps) , using it to proxy tomcat (mod_proxy) and also using virtual servers in both tomcat and lighttpd, there were two problems with my Pebble Blog Server:
(This problem doesn't happen on my previous setup where I used tomcat directly on port 80...)

1. The URL of all pebble-based links were like
2. Login to Pebble failed, or sometimes worked then I'd see http 404 not found sometimes, and on logoff.

These two problems can be fixed by editing the file: <your pebble folder>/WEB-INF/applicationContext-pebble.xml (thanks to the xml "comments" from Pebble in the file, it was easy to understand what to set...)
  1. Set your blog default URL: from ${url} to "your blog URL", my case was edited to <property name="url" value=""/>
  2. Empty the ${secureUrl} to an empty string, my case was edited to <property name="secureUrl" value=""/>
  3. Reload your pebble instance from your java webserver/tomcat (tomcat app manager: http://<url>/manager/html).
  4. Login to your Pebble server, goto the top menu "Configuration" > "Utilities" then click on "Reindex" to apply the new correct url to all past posts/links.
Note: Since these settings are in /WEB-INF so you'd probably have to set them again when you deplay each new version of Pebble because the file would be overwritten.

Hope this helps other Pebble users! Get the latest pebble release from Pebble Official Site

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