Carbide.c++ Professional and OEM are now FREE!

This is amazing news:

"Carbide.c++ Version 2.0. In addition to new features and improvements, Carbide.c++ will have an entirely new licensing model - All Carbide.c++ 2.0 Editions (Developer, Professional and OEM) and licenses are now available for FREE!"

This means the on-device debug - which is of huge help to save time - especially in difficult situations are now FREE for everyone.

Got to check this out:

Really happy to hear that a lot more people working hard on Symbian C++ can debug over Bluetooth and save lots of time!

I was using on-device debug for nearly a year now (the company I work for bought it - it was not free in the past) for my job - it really saved lots and lots of time. Probably never used the emulator ever since.

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