Native C++ programming in an easier way wxWidgets + CodeBlocks

I'd really like to express my thanks to the whole community for such a great open-source cross-platform framework.

I see that some famous software that are native across platforms, like VLC media player and FileZilla are using wxWidgets too!

Although it's not that easy to start like the commercial or non-native frameworks for application programming, I would say wxWidgets does many things so well that it seems to be far better than coding MFC. Also, with Code::Blocks IDE's integrated wxSmith - you even have a drag-and-drop GUI enabled IDE. Special thanks to the Code::Blocks IDE team!!!

wxWidgets is not only a GUI framework, it's a really complete programming framework: wxWidget's really helps many programming tasks: wxString string class (like CString in MFC), auto free allocated memory on exit of block (wxON_BLOCK_EXIT1), threading (wxThread), and many many more are very very useful. I even use these stuff in the console apps I made at work!

Take a look: wxWidgets Official site

How to setup wxWidgets + Code::Blocks?
Code::Blocks setup guide on wxWiki

The wxBook is very helpful in clearing things up and giving you a solid foundation, big-picture of things, strengths/limits, and how to use things: wxBook Page

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