Sitting tips from Sidiz

Although the tips are quite biased for their product, it help me understand and learn a few things to be a healthy software coder. Hope these tips benefit you too:

Sidiz: "How to keep a healthy spine"

A part of their second recommendation:
"Move about in your seat is the most important thing. Your discs have a sponge-like structure, and your body motion provides a pumping action that lets them absorb nutrients and dispel waste. Moreover, your discs separate when your waist moves under compressed body weight and the discs are concentrated on a single spot. Lean back and adjust your bodily posture to keep your discs healthy."

I'm using their T50-ex chair (bought it from "modern-form" yearly sale in Thailand last year...), it's quite a good chair with quite a lot of adjustable parts. Quite good for the price compared to their competitors, I just wished that it used mesh fabric for the seat instead of leather because it gets hot in summer here in Thailand so sitting on leather quickly feels humid and uncomfortable. Herman-miller have their chairs all all mesh but it's too expensive! Also the price for it at Thai resellers is also more than the prices I see in the internet.

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