Android force WCDMA or GSM or AUTO from shell

This requires a rooted phone - tested on HTC OneS (Thailand) and OneX (AT&T - USA).

Simply open an adb shell and enter:

  1. ./sqlite3 /data/data/ "update secure set value='2' where name='preferred_network_mode'"


  1. after “su”, <pre>killall</pre>


The step 1 changes the settings database - but it is not reflected in the settings app or known/reloaded by (which I understand that it does the real forcing…) yet - we can reboot but that takes too long and unneccesary - I found that killing the process of would cause some watchdog to re-start it (step 2) - and re-load our new settings into effect (probably by calling setpreferrednetworktype with our new values - I think we can’t call that internal java function directly due to signature/key restrictions).

I’d like to try to find some time to make an app to do/automate this - it helps rooted phones with special firmwares have that missing option to force directly - very beneficial for programmatical/automated forcing - this is an alternative to the manual/GUI method using the ##4636## > phone info > Setpreferred network type method.

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