Migrating from MS Office to OpenOffice plan

Seriously, OpenOffice.org CAN DO ALL OFFICE DOCUMENT WORKS - Word processor, Impress (power point),spreadsheet (Excel).

Sun has an published interesting white paper on the topic “Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.org/StarOffice Migration Overview”.

“Make migration simple and straightforward This white paper will help you create an effective migration plan to either OpenOffice.org or StarOffice software from Microsoft Office.”

You can get the white paper here

One main issue that people get stuck at is that when they use OpenOffice to view MS proprietary format documents like .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx - it can open them but, since they are non-open MS-specific formats, openoffice would not always exactly display them the same way as they were shown in Microsoft office.

If you start such documents in open office formats - like .odt, .ods, etc - such problems won’t happen in open office since they are open formats, they can be opened in new MS office too by using a plugin.

If you want to publish/send your open-format documents to the public or others, simply press the “pdf” button in OpenOffice to convert it to pdf and send your documents as pdf to make sure it can be opened anywhere and no changes made to them. If you want them to edit your documents, ideally, tell them to intall OpenOffice from http://www.openoffice.org and then send your real open-format (.odt, .ods, etc) open office documents. You can also upload and share it on Google Docs - it supports live editing by many people at the same time on the same document too.

Note: If you wonder what “open format” is, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_format and google about it.

Talking about “open” and freedom in computer usage and the openness of the deep knowledge about its inner workings (source-code) - Ideally, use OpenOffice on GNU/Linux - see http://www.ubuntu.com for your greater freedom in using computers.

Yes, you can use your computer without Windoows and its license fees, limitations.

You can work without MS office.

You can be free from viruses and spyware without anti-virus software.

You can run your computer with highest quality software that respects the world society’s freedom to  use, study, modify and share the software.

Get it on your computer now at www.Ubuntu.com
- such a great contribution to mankind - a free/open-source and society-wise/ethically better alternative to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Ubuntu is based on GNU/Linux, GNOME and other free/open-source projects.

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