Make Ubuntu much faster

After experimenting on many desktop environments, I settled Ubuntu’s default GNOME since Ubuntu 9.10 (as GNOME, for me, was the most stable, complete, intuitive and simple compared to KDE,XFCE,LXDE,etc…), but I still missed the speed, responsiveness of XFCE - especially when I’m programming, I open many programs/documents across 3 workspaces, although already turned-off all visual effects/compositing.

I saw some posts in ubuntuforums talking about using openbox and XFCE’s xfwm4 window manager in GNOME - xfwm4 was way faster than openbox and I preferred how it handled/moved dragging windows across workspaces.

Found an easy and good post to use xfwm4 on Ubuntu’s GNOME here:

That was it, really satisfied - the amazing speed of xfwm4 helped make GNOME much faster and responsive.

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