KDE 4.3 - modern, fun to use and now stable

This 4.3 release is just phenomenal - all the widgets (from system related to rss to wikipedia, social etc..) provide a new, exciting modern way to use your day to day computing - and yes, KDE always has that extra care to make things look beautiful and attracts quite a few people to the world of free-software/opensource GNU/Linux.

Install KDE 4.3 on Ubuntu 9.04

I had quite a bad experience in the older 4.2 release but that seems to be normal as KDE was in such a big re-write to make things more modern/dynamic - this 4.3 release seems to be much more stable and fixed most of the problems.

For sending files via bluetooth, please refer to this howto for blueman.

However, I still can't get mobile broadband via Bluetooth to work in KDE (it works very well in GNOME, XFCE)!
Therefore, although KDE looks pretty, I still mainly use XFCE because it's faster/easier for me to get work done - its minimalist simplicity, very high speed and better integration with the more stable and complete GNOME apps/features as in ubuntu-desktop.

I tend to use KDE when I'm not working - just reading or playing around with music, youtube, blogging, etc - it's good to feel a change of the environment to a beautiful KDE and relax yourself from thinking about work. Somewhat similar to the idea that we must separate working and relaxing rooms to relax and divide time better.

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