Don't sit too long - SitSatSat mobile java app helps remind/alert you

I have this neck pain problem myself and made this little j2me (for java-enabled phones) app long ago - to remind every 20 minuts with an alert sound:

SitSatSat (FREE)

I forgot about it for so long until recently my neck pain increased.

I tried different chairs, sitting positions, but none solved the problem if you still sit for too long without moving periodically. The neck pain was much less during holidays or days I didn't sit coding.

So I remembered this SitSatSat app, searched for it (I remember I deployed it on long ago), installed it on my current development phone: Nokia 6120 - stand up, move your neck in all directions when it alerted - it helped reduce my neck pain a lot at the end of the day.

The main thing is that the alerting app actually can't help you at all, you need to help yourself: move you neck, stand up regularly when it alerts. Just keep in mind that "your health is important too!".

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