Intuitive, easy to use, on-line todo list

I tried a few to-do list manager apps in the past but always had to revert to my simple text file TODO.txt method because my needs can't be sufficed:

1. Easily/instantly add TODOs - don't ask/force me to put the end-dates, priority, etc.
2. Easily/instantly re-order the list - move the more important ones up according to the situation.
3. Easily/instantly move the TODOs that were DONE down at the bottom of the list for future reference - but not delete them.

Finally, I found this ta-da list to meet my demands and it's on-line so it's better than transferring my TODO.txt here and there and sometimes forget which copy is latest! It also has multiple lists so you can group up the TODOs.

Ta-da List seems very simple and easy to use with the least annoyance of regular todo list managers, plus this is on-line: a centralized place to keep your lists:

Ta-da List Homepage

It's easy to-do!

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