ASLI Elixir - Pure Borassus Nectar from Thailand

Nature’s Elixir! A sterilized version of the traditional naturally sweet drink called ‘nam tal sod’ (น้ำตาลสด) in Thai, the term can refer to either the more common variant from coconut trees’ flowers/inflorescence, or the more harder to find Borassus or Toddy palm inflorescence which we provide here in this product that exhibits a deeper and uniquely complex flavor profile. Tastes both rich and refreshing!

Thai Toddy Nectar after Sterilization
Above image shows the product after sterilization. This natural drink is also known as ‘Air Tuak’ in the local dialect of the product source.

Above video shows the retort sterilization stage

Try some while in Thailand!

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น้ำตาลสดแท้ 100% จากช่อตาลโตนด (น้ำตูเวาะ) เสตอริไลส์


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